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Carved colored bull horn earrings

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Horn pendant earrings
Horn pendant earrings (eahb)
Earrings shape of bull horn pendant
Price $1.93
Amount: (max 9171)
Price of 7 is: $ 13.51

Small horn earrings
Small horn earrings (sacb)
Carved earrings of horn of different shapes
Price $1.46
Amount: (max 9304)
Price of 7 is: $ 10.22

Nazka lines horn earrings
Nazka lines horn earrings (hosm)
Horn earrings carved of naska lines ornament
Price $1.30
Amount: (max 9581)
Price of 10 is: $ 13

Bull horn earrings
Bull horn earrings (eadc)
Bull horn color ethnic earrings
Price $2.31
Amount: (max 9697)
Price of 7 is: $ 16.17

Color earrings made of horn
Color earrings made of horn (eaho)
Earrings of colors made of bull horn
Price $1.80
Amount: (max 9717)
Price of 7 is: $ 12.6

Carved horn earrings
Carved horn earrings (eatl)
Carved bull horn earrings of different colors
Price $2.23
Amount: (max 9847)
Price of 7 is: $ 15.61