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Handmade jewelry >> Category: Keychains

Handmade Peruvian keychains

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Keychains of alpaca
Keychains of alpaca (pecl)
Keychains of colored small alpacas
Price $0.90
Amount: (max 7281)
Price of 7 is: $ 6.3

Keychains of flutes
Keychains of flutes (ecpr)
Keychains of colored bamboo flutes
Price $1.53
Amount: (max 9888)
Price of 6 is: $ 9.18

Peruvian doll keychains
Peruvian doll keychains (pecp)
Keychains with colored Peruvian dolls
Price $1.53
Amount: (max 9897)
Price of 7 is: $ 10.71

Huayruro seed keychains
Huayruro seed keychains (keyc)
Keychains of red huayruro seeds
Price $2.01
Amount: (max 9729)
Price of 9 is: $ 18.09

Seed keychain
Seed keychain (pefb)
Sead bead keychain, Peruvian design
Price $2.18
Amount: (max 9971)
Price of 6 is: $ 13.08

Seed keychains
Seed keychains (kehu)
Keychains made of metal and tropical seeds
Price $1.82
Amount: (max 9855)
Price of 3 is: $ 5.46

Tagua keychains
Tagua keychains (kefi)
Tagua keychains in shape of figuras
Price $2.25
Amount: (max 9883)
Price of 3 is: $ 6.75

Seeds round keyrings
Seeds round keyrings (pecz)
Natural seeds round keyrings
Price $2.53
Amount: (max 9917)
Price of 5 is: $ 12.65

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