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Welcome to Peru Crafts Wholesale!

Minimum purchase: $10

Discount apply for wholesale orders depending on size of the purchase, view details on shopping cart page and check our wholesale products catalog perucraftswholesale.com/catalog.pdf

Please use contact form if you would like to send us message with email

Phone/whatsapp +1 9193388093

If you are in Lima, please visit our crafts shop located by the following address: Artesanias del Mundo, Galería Esperanza 184 tda 18, alt cdra 2 de Larco, Miraflores, Lima – Peru, open from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm.

Handmade Jewelry
Macrame friendship bracelets
Macrame friendship bracelets (brm)
Macrame friendship bracelets zigzag
Price $0.28
Amount: (max 27252)
Price of 30 is: $ 8.4

Alpaca murano earrings
Alpaca murano earrings (earm)
Alpaca earrings with murano glass, handmade colorful fashion jewelry wholesale
Price $0.58
Amount: (max 8302)
Price of 10 is: $ 5.8

Macrame bracelets round ornament
Macrame bracelets round ornament (brl)
Macrame bracelets made of round ornament
Price $0.30
Amount: (max 4691)
Price of 35 is: $ 10.5

Coconut earrings
Coconut earrings (coza)
Coconut earrings, handmade natural jewelry wholesale
Price $0.65
Amount: (max 7549)
Price of 10 is: $ 6.5

Piedra stone earrings
Piedra stone earrings (piee)
Alpaca dangle earrings with piedra stones, wholesale jewelry
Price $1.52
Amount: (max 5217)
Price of 10 is: $ 15.2

Piedra stone bracelets
Piedra stone bracelets (brap)
Alpaca and piedra stones bracelets
Price $1.53
Amount: (max 16478)
Price of 10 is: $ 15.3

Rings with stones
Rings with stones (riag)
Rings with cat eye and piedra stones, handmade, ajustables, fashion jewelry
Price $2.25
Amount: (max 14739)
Price of 8 is: $ 18

Cat eye bracelets
Cat eye bracelets (cate)
Cat eye stone bracelets
Price $1.52
Amount: (max 7535)
Price of 10 is: $ 15.2

Thread shining earrings
Thread shining earrings (pabg)
Peruvian silk thread big shining earrings, wholesale handmade jewelry
Price $1.52
Amount: (max 9583)
Price of 6 is: $ 9.12

Murano glass necklaces
Murano glass necklaces (alpm)
Alpaca and color murano glass necklaces, handmade jewelry
Price $3.52
Amount: (max 9443)
Price of 10 is: $ 35.2

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