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Category > Bracelets > Other bracelets
Material > Piedra
Piedra stone bracelets (brap)
Category: Other bracelets, Material: Piedra

Alpaca bracelets with natural piedra stones of different colors. Handcrafted fine jewelry of Peru.

Are you ready to elevate your style and embrace the harmony of nature? Look no further than Piedra Stone Bracelets! Our exquisite collection combines the timeless elegance of stone jewelry with the enchanting energy of natural elements, creating a truly captivating accessory for the modern adventurer.

Elevate your style and awaken your senses. Shop our exclusive collection today!

stone bracelets
crystal healing
metaphysical properties
holistic well-being
Average Weight: 4 grams
Price $1.53
Available in Stock: 16141
Amount: (max 16141)
Price of 10 is: $ 15.3
Weight is: 40 grams

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